Painting with Cars

Play to Learn Preschool
Our transportation unit is in full swing, and the kids are having a blast learning about cars and trucks and things that go!  At the art center, the students used their arm muscles to drive cars and trucks through trays of paint.
This was the invitation to play at the art center -- large pieces of butcher paper, plastic cars and trays of paint.  Any time I line things up (see the "before" picture of our Lucky sensory table) or sort them out, the kids are naturally drawn to them.  They want to get their hands, or cars, in the paint to mess it up.  I love it!
It started off with a bit of experimenting.  They pushed the cars through one color and then rolled them on the paper.
Then the fun began!  The kids discovered that if they drove the cars in the opposite direction, the paint would get mixed up.  So much more exciting!

Have fun playing and learning with your children today.

My Transportation Unit has a bunch of great circle time activities and centers for your preschool class:
Play to Learn Preschool

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