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Each month we like to spruce up our basic dramatic play center and make it into something wonderful. To celebrate spring, we've transformed it into a Flower Shop.
Of course, I headed right to the dollar store to get all the supplies that we would need! I chose 4 different types of flowers. They come in bunches of 6 stems for $1. You can't beat that! I cut them apart and reinforced the flowers and leaves with a dot of super glue.
I also picked up some plastic pots and foam circles. The foam fits perfectly into the bottom of the pots.
We labeled each pot of flowers with a price tag for the store.
One of the things that really makes our dramatic play centers work well is the use of role playing name tags. For the flower shop, we need a florist, a delivery driver, a cashier, a gardener, and a bunch of customers!
Almost all of the supplies that we need came from the dollar store: watering cans,
ribbon, tissue paper,
and plastic "fancy" vases.
It's important to include many opportunities for reading and writing in dramatic play. At the flower shop, students can write down their orders before heading into the store. Our florist also uses these forms for phone orders!
Would you like these wrapped into a bouquet or arranged in a vase?
What color ribbon would you like for your bouquet?
Finally, we added a variety of blank cards to the writing center. They are the perfect addition to a dozen roses for Mother's Day!
All of the labels, signs, order forms, name tags, etc. are available in this Flower Shop dramatic play center:

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  1. I teach first grade, but I absolutely love all your dramatic play centers!! They are just fantastic. I wish I taught preschool or kinder so I could use them all! I love the nametags, the writing activities, everything! :) Thanks for sharing all of your fabulous ideas!

    First Grade Garden